Tuesday, June 16, 2009

If my husband didn't want.....

...munchos and cream soda I may have gotten him one of these gifts for daddy's day:

1)beer holster

2) from art mind on etsy, father's day art3) Ferrari 360 office chair from race chairs etsy 4) beer soap - several brands available5) pirates vs. ninjas chest set from goose grease on etsy

6) RMS Titanic - remote control ship

But I am sure none of these will be as good as those chips and soda!

Love ya - happy father's day!

Wanting to do al fresco?

I am looking (actually yearning) for some new summer dinnerware. So why I am having so much trouble finding the perfect set? I am noticing there is not an abundance of patio or melamine dinnerware out there…..I even checked our usual suspects like Pottery Barn, William Sonoma and I have to saw I am not impressed.
Pottery Barn has gone very basic and very Americana….and WS has a lovely coral motif but still not what I am looking for.
So I started to surf and found a few other options that are nice – but have I become this picky that I still haven’t found the set I am looking for?
Crate & Barrel
Jonathan Adler
Smith and Hawken – really nice and they’re a heavy, durable melamine!!! Close but they look similar to the china I want to replace…..

While all of these are lovely, I am still looking for a sophisticated, stylish set of melamine dishes. I wish I made it to Target in time to get the Orla Kiely collection….If anyone has any suggestions let me…..

Oh and by the way, check out working class studio for these “fashion plates” great for a girls night in! Chat again soon from…..desperately seeking nice summer dinnerware

Saturday, May 9, 2009

A weekend of pampering

It's that time once again, where pancakes and coffee arranged with love and care arrive at your bedside on a tray with your favorite magazine.

Gifts from the kids are assembled and glued the week prior at school - and everyone is eager for you to open their gift first. But then after the construction paper picture frames and paper mache vases are put into place - comes the "daddy" gift....and here are some ideas (in case dad is planning a shopping spree today).

Middle Burg Folk Art StudioThis is a wonderful idea I found on etsy.com. Why not surprise mom with one of these families made from paper mache and mounted on wooden bases. Hair color and style, skin tone, clothing style and colors are all up to your families’ specifics. Words, sayings or names can be written on the base. Middle Burg Folk Studio makes these truly one-of-a-kind gifts from photos of each subject. It can feature your entire family or just the kids – whichever you choose they are special!

Family SilhouettesI have always loved the silhouette, and for Mother’s Day there is no other gift like it! Fill a vacant wall with frames of the family or just the kids – whatever you decide it will be eye-catching!

Made by hand – literally Looking for something extra personal for mom, handmade (pardon the pun) gifts are always a hit. This one is really special and easy to do. Take a canvas for each child (and yourself too!), paint it if you want or leave it plain. Then apply paint to your hand – stamp the canvas and…..this is something she is sure to love!

Stacking birthstone ringsAs writing this I began to envision Angelina’s stacking collection of rings. I really like this idea, carrying on your finger a stack of rings that reminds you of each of your children. It ring encompasses the birthstone of that child’s birth. I think the idea is unique and really takes a mom back to where her journey began!

Spectacular Table D├ęcor These are so beautiful. You can find them on esty.com from the seller Fanciful Form. They are made from a kind of air dry clay similar to cold porcelain. And the floral shapes are so soft, while still being eye-catching. This seller also has jewelry which is just as spectacular.

When a techy gift is acceptable?Vivienne Tam HP Digital Clutch. This gorgeous peony print from the designers spring collection covers a convenient and compact digital clutch – the perfect gift for the fashionista mom

Flippin outI have to admit I have a thing for flip flops (I wish I could wear them 24/7), but these have to be a must have for me! Juicy Couture plush flip flop slippers with charm and all!

And what is my perfect mother’s day gift? A day with my family, playing and enjoying each other, but don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t return the laptop or flip flops!

Enjoy your day moms!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Back to blogging

Ok - so it's been a real long time....and why? Well I have been travelling for the past 2 weeks to the Orient, and what should happen while I am there?

My laptop crashed - well actually it burned!! I lost everything on my hard drive and could not retrieve it. I was devastated. I had several clippings, creative inspirations, blog ideas and pictures - and they are all gone!

I also lost my blog roll - so all my favs from my Internet list - disappeared.

It has taken me a while to get things back and running and accept the idea that I am starting from scratch - but I am here and ready to begin again.

Please stay tuned I am working on the next "licious" list and some great mother's day ideas too....

I hope to keep your interest and get your comments and feedback as I begin the blogging journey once again - and sorry it's been so long!


Sunday, April 12, 2009

She's at it again.....

Rosanna Bowles from Rosanna Inc. has pulled off an exceptional Spring 2009 collection (as she did in a previous post I listed featuring her Holiday Collection).

Her spring collection inspires and will motivate you to move your dining experience out doors!

Some of her new collections are:
Delizioso - this line celebrates the Italian cuisine by featuring its four most often-used herbs: basil, sage, rosemary, and parsley.
Dinner Party - layer one these plates along with another of Rosanna’s other collections for the ultimate table top look.
La Mer – my favorite line, with images taken from authentic British turn-of-the-century botanical renderings of sea life. Each plate features a 24-karat platinum design accent.
Also in this collection are these lovely glasses. The taller, thinner shape of the sea green glasses made from 100% recycled Mexican glass, are a perfect match.
La Patisserie - These footed bowls, inspired by Victorian compotes, make versatile statement pieces, whether used separately or stacked to form an elegant tower. Fill them with pastries, flowers or fruit for a gorgeous centerpiece.
Le Gateau - the modern interpretations of the iconic cut glass cake plates of 1920's America. These pieces have enough integrity to stand on their own, or work wonderfully together to make a striking statement when laden with cakes or hors d'oeuvres.
Mediterranean Holiday - this colorful set features four popular Mediterranean coastal vacation spots: Majorca, Cannes, Santorini and Amalfi. Rendered in brilliant blue and green summer tones, they pair perfectly with the matching glass tumblers.
Mixed Salad - printed with the recipes of four of the most delicious summer salads, these large bowls are perfect for a main-meal salad or as one component of a fabulous dinner party.
Wish You Were Here - Each individually boxed mug depicts a scene from one of the most famous European beaches of the 1950's and a bathing beauty in period dress. As you sip your morning tea, escape to the glamorous beaches of France, Italy, Greece and Spain.

After reading this are you mood for a little alfresco?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Weekend decorating?

Eggs that it is.....

Here are some easy ideas for sprucing up your egg decorating this Easter.

Lace dyed eggs – Martha Stewart
This Easter, take hard-boiled eggs to new heights by embellishing them with lacy patterns. Once the eggs are dyed and dry, pile them in a large bowl to use them as a centerpiece.
Tools and Materials
* Eggs
* Standard egg dye
* Rubber bands
* Inexpensive lace trimmings or scraps from a worn tablecloth or curtains
* Scissors
* Foam board fitted with flathead pins

1. Cut lace into strips long enough to wrap around eggs and still have extra to form a sash for holding.
2. Wrap eggs, securing lace with rubber bands. Dye eggs according to dye package instructions.
3. Lift out, cut off rubber bands, and unwrap lace. Let dry on foam board fitted with flat head pins.

Glitter Sticker Eggs
I got this inspiration from MS as well, but her directions were a bit much for me. I would use standard hard boiled eggs and add glittered stickers to them - there are so many great stickers options out there this would be an easy project for anyone to do!

Tissue Paper Eggs – Martha Stewart

Tools and Materials
*Tissue paper
* Crafter's punch
* Tweezers
* optional Decoupage gel
* Paint brush

1. Fold tissue paper four times.
2. Punch tissue paper with crafter's punch.
3. Separate layers of flower with tweezers or fingers.
4. Paint a thin layer of decoupage gel onto egg.
5. Pick up punched-out shape with paintbrush. Starting from the middle of the punch-out and working outward, gloss over punch-out using paintbrush with thin layer of decoupage gel.
6. Place egg on drying rack

Ribbon Eggs – Better Homes and Gardens
Narrow ribbons and rickrack make instant egg decorations (just adhere with glue). For even easier decorating, look for self-adhesive fabric tape in pretty colors and fun patterns -- a great find from scrap booking supply stores.

Tea Dyed Eggs
These are really different and lovely to look at. It takes a while to dye them but I think they are worth it!

How to:

1. Wash the eggs in warm soapy water to make sure there aren't any oils or soil on the egg to interfere with coloring. Hard-boil the eggs.
2. Make the dye mix. Pour 1 cup boiling water over at least 2 tea bags and steep for 15 minutes. Squeeze out the tea bags to remove all of the dye and set aside. Add 1 teaspoon of white vinegar to the mix and allow cooling to room temperature.
3. Different teas can be used in different bowls for variety.
4. Gently add eggs to the desired bowls. Make sure each egg has room so that liquid touches all sides.
5. Allow the eggs to float in the tea bowls for at least 1 hour.
6. Lift the eggs out of the bowl and check the coloring on the eggs. Return to the solution if the desired color is not achieved.
7. Carefully remove the egg from solution and lay out to dry. Make sure not to let the eggs touch, an empty egg carton works great here. Try not to touch the eggs until they've had a chance to dry.

Glitter Eggs
These have to be my favorite of all decorating styles – I love them in soft pastel colors.

* Eggs
* Powdered glitter in multiple colours
* Bowls and spoons
* Paintbrush
* Craft glue
How to 1. Blow the yolk and white out of the egg.
2. Brush craft glue onto egg.
3. Gently set egg in bowl of glitter and spoon the glitter over the egg, covering the entire surface.
4. Remove from the bowl and set on waxed paper to dry
So pull up chair, get the kitchen table all set up and enjoy a day filled with decorating!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eggs anyone?

Here are some egg cups I think are a must have for the breakfast table....

I found these at a trade show a couple of years back and still love them! Very William Sonoma'ish.

I also found these while travelling, kinda kitch - but sweet!
Ok, these are one of my favs with the sweet little slippers - how could anyone resist!

This has got to be the smartest egg cup out there - RoboCup William Sonoma:Twig Spoon and Nestled Egg Cup:
Skinny Laminx: stacking egg cups
Check them out on Etsy.com
Hope these darling little cups put a smile on your face...and get crack'in!